Sad that Apple would make something this bad. If you think the drive is making noise beyond what’s expected when you insert or eject discs, try inserting and ejecting a disc several times to correct the issue. However, the product you’re looking for is no longer available on apple. So, I’m in the market for another drive and will not be buying another version of this from Apple. Example nonstandard sized or shaped discs that are not supported: See all Questions.

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Apple macbook air superdrive should be facing down Because the USB port on external displays may not be powered at startup, connect the drive directly to the USB ports on your Apple computer when you need to use the Superdrive as a startup device. Older Mac Pro models use a loading tray.

macobok Is this review useful? Sad that Apple would make som Took macbook air superdrive last nite. Inspection should include the inner ring of the disc which should be smooth and burr free. Inserting a non-standard sized or shaped disc into a macbook air superdrive that is not designed to accommodate it may damage the drive.

MacBook Air SuperDrive

Then Lukas also found an easier way which only requires editing one line in one text file. Asked by Macbook air superdrive H from Atlanta macbook air superdrive Jul 21, The System Profiler or System Information may provide additional information regarding what media your computer supports.


You can view mine at Github or view the raw plist. I called apple and after half an hour identifying that it was indeed an Apple product, they could only direct me to yet another repair shop. If you don’t completely insert a disc, the drive will reverse and push the disc macbook air superdrive out. This would be ok if the drive function correctly but that is rare. I am beyond frustrated at Mac’s ongoing attempt to dictate to its users what it feels is best for them.

Any damage sustained to the drive or the macbook air superdrive as a result of operating it in this manner is not covered by the products warranty. The only good part of the story is that the SuperDrive did not work before it happened. Buffer Under Run Protection. Automatic Slot in Design for the Disk, Prevent cockamamie process of opening or closing the machine’s door by hand.

A repair store was able the take macbook air superdrive drive apart to retrieve my disk but the drive only made grinding sjperdrive when I plugged it in later.

MacBook Air SuperDrive: Computers/Tablets & Networking | eBay

If the disc will not eject, try pressing the eject macbook air superdrive on the keyboard. Terrible product Yes No. Use of such discs is not supported and any damage caused will not be covered under your Apple warranty or applicable extended service contract.


Write speed Read speed Suppor If the disc is bowed up on any side or in the center, do not use the disc because it might get stuck in the drive. Doesn’t accept discs Superdruve sure to check your disc to make sure it is flat. Remove the label macbook air superdrive possible. Maybe there was some other reason.

From around the web. If you think the drive is making macbook air superdrive beyond what’s expected when you insert or eject discs, try inserting and ejecting a disc several times to correct the issue. There’s a more comprehensive roundup here: Power indicator function,the indicator light appears after power on.

But, as a long time fan of Apple products, I convinced myself that mine would not be a lemon. Microsoft releases Office for Mac and Windows. Make sure all the plastic feet on your notebook computer are present macbook air superdrive this could create an uneven surface.

I don’t want to mess up my disc or the player.